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Gadlys Colliery  
Gadlys Colliery
The origin of this pit lies in Gadlys Ironworks and the need for coal and ironstone to keep the works in production. The pit also known as Victoria Pit had many shafts, some off which mined coal, others ironstone and was ideally sited just over 400 yards from the Ironworks. The company also obtained permission in 1834 to mine coal at Graig Pit on the lower slopes of the Graig, which lay a short distance to the south.

Left: Gadlys Colliery

Although the production of iron ceased at Gadlys Ironworks in 1875 the colliery stayed in production until closure in 1939 after which Gadlys was used as a pumping station until the 1960's. This necessitated the continued use of the winding engine as the pumps lay at the bottom of the workings and required ongoing maintenance. The headgear was finally dismantled in May 1972.

Right: Gadlys Colliery just prior to demolition in 1972

 prior to demolition in 1972
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